February 2019 Round-up of news and reports

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This is our monthly round-up of news and reports from our sectors of interest. This edition looks back to February 2019.

Culture and creative industries:

The Core Cities and Arts Council England’s Cultural Cities Enquiry reported, looking at ways UK cities can use culture to drive inclusive growth. The report made several recommendations, the first of which, to establish Cultural City Compacts, is to get around £200,000 in funding from ACE and DCMS.

Creative & Cultural Skills published a labour force analysis of its sectors – its first since 2012.

A group of academics have created a set of ‘creative vitality’ measures for European cities.

The DCMS published new regional GVA statistics for its sectors.

Heritage and museums: 

Historic Environment Scotland published its annual Our Place in Time report, looking at Scottish heritage’s economic, social and environmental impact.

The Architectural Heritage Fund and partners launched a new £7m Heritage Impact Fund (a social investment fund).

Placemaking and urban regeneration:

The Parliamentary select committee for Housing, Communities and Local Government offered its take on the challenges facing British high streets.

While the Local Data Co analysed shop data for the last seven years to see how the high street has been changing.

A report from the UPP Foundation considered universities’ civic role in placemaking.

Finally, the Westminster Property Association published a paper by the LSE’s Tony Travers asking how the poor image of developers and planning might be improved.