• Location: Northern Ireland
  • Client: Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment
  • Destination: Giant's Causeway
  • Services: Options appraisal, business planning, funding advice and management of international architecture and design competitions
  • Location: Burton-upon-Trent
  • Client: Football Association
  • Destination: St George's Park
  • Services: Lead commercial and property advisor to the FA on the development of St George's Park
  • Location: Shymkent, Kazakhstan
  • Client: Eristyle Kazakhstan
  • Destination: Kaskasu Mountain Resort
  • Services: Review of initial mountain resort poposals, market assessment and recommendations on the development strategy, real estate mix and market positioning of the resort
shutterstock_49159264 Yunnan Yunnan Tourism
  • Location: Yunnan, China
  • Client: HOK International
  • Destination: Puzhehei
  • Services: Strategic advice to inform the vision and concept for a major tourism led development in Yunnan province
Boscombe Pier Bournemouth Seafront
  • Location: Bournemouth
  • Client: Bournemouth Borough Council
  • Destination: Bournemouth Seafront
  • Services: Funding and delivery advice to support Gillespies' preparation of Stage C designs for Bournemouth's Seafront Strategy
PrimRing PrimRing
  • Location: Vladivostok
  • Client: Sumotori Motors
  • Destination: PrimRing (race circuit)
  • Services: Commercial advice on leisure and hotel components and preparation of investment prospectus
Cruise Terminal London Cruise Terminal
  • Location: Greenwich, London
  • Client: Greenwich Reach
  • Destination: Greenwich
  • Services: Market analysis and economic impact assessment for new cruise terminal proposal
Snoasis Snoasis
  • Location: Suffolk
  • Client: Onslow Investments
  • Destination: Snoasis
  • Services: Market analysis, visitor projection and economic impact assessment for major new leisure destination and sports resort, anchored by the UK’s largest indoor ski slope
Croatia Croatian Resorts
  • Location: Croatia
  • Client: Emerging Markets Advisory Corporation
  • Destination: Various Resorts
  • Services: Strategic advice in support of various land acquisitions and development strategies for the Illyrian Land Fund
Unicorn Investment Bank Various Resorts
  • Location: Mediterranean
  • Client: Unicorn Investment Bank
  • Destination: Various Resorts
  • Services: Evaluation of various resort opporutnities for investment
Adrenaline Gateway Adrenaline Gateway
  • Location: Lancashire
  • Client: Lancashire County Developments
  • Destination: Adrenaline Gateway
  • Services: Worked with the Council and local stakeholders to articulate a vision for an iconic facility to capitalise on the area’s growing popularity for adrenaline sport
London Tourism Satellite Account London Tourism
  • Location: London
  • Client: London Development Agency
  • Destination: London
  • Services: Advice on the design and development of local area tourism models as a precursor to a Tourism Satellite for London
Angel of the North Cluster Mapping
  • Location: North East of England
  • Client: ONE North East
  • Destination: North East
  • Services: Detailed analysis of the North East visitor economy, leading to England’s first regional Tourism Satellite Account
Dancing Green Dancing Green
  • Location: Moscow, Russia
  • Client: Country Format
  • Destination: Dancing Green
  • Services: To help shape the concept and strategy for a new resort development on the outskirts of the Moscow region and preparation of investment memoranda
Puzhehei Puzhehei
  • Location: Yunnan, China
  • Client: HOK International
  • Destination: Puzhehei
  • Services: Visioning for the transformation of lands around Puzhehei in southern Yunnan with a focus on tourism and signature projects
Heli-ski Shimla Heli-ski
  • Location: Shimla, India
  • Client: Oberoi Group
  • Destination: Shimla
  • Services: Advise on the market viability of a new heli-ski operation in Shimla
Millennium Coastal Park Coastal Park
  • Location: Llanelli, Wales
  • Client: Carmarthenshire County Council
  • Destination: Millennium Coastal Park
  • Services: Business plan for the Millennium Coastal Park and options appraisal for the reuse of former factory buildings as leisure facilities
National Forest National Forest
  • Location: Midlands, England
  • Client: National Forest Charitable Trust
  • Destination: The National Forest
  • Services: Visitor infrastructure analysis and development strategy
shutterstock_124669057 Dorset Coast Jurassic Coast
  • Location: Dorset & East Devon
  • Client: World Heritage Site
  • Destination: Jurassic Coast
  • Services: Strategy and feasibility studies for the development of tourist infrastructure and visitor centres along the 95 mile World Heritage Site
w shutterstock_111274775 General Wentwood Wentwood
  • Location: Monmouthshire, Wales
  • Client: Monmouthshire County Council
  • Destination: Wentwood
  • Services: Feasibility study and business plan for a new woodland visitor centre
brick lane City Fringe
  • Location: London
  • Client: London Borough of Tower Hamlets
  • Destination: City Fringe
  • Services: Tourism advice in support of Tower Hamlets' economic development strategy for the city fringe
Waterland Waterland
  • Location: Malaysia & Singapore
  • Client: Iskandar Malaysia / Singapore Tourist Board
  • Destination: Waterland
  • Services: Develop and evaluate the business case for a major cross border tourism initiative based around the large estuarine mangrove swamps
Shimbulak Medeu & Shimbulak
  • Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Client: Capital Partners Kz
  • Destination: Medeu & Shimbulak Mountain Resorts
  • Services: Lead consultant on redevelopment of two resorts in advance of hosting the 2011 Asian Winter Games