We undertake detailed market analyses to inform the viability of destination developments.

Selected projects led or managed by the principals of Fourth Street.

  • Location: Shymkent, Kazakhstan
  • Client: Eristyle Kazakhstan
  • Destination: Kaskasu Mountain Resort
  • Services: Review of initial mountain resort poposals, market assessment and recommendations on the development strategy, real estate mix and market positioning of the resort
  • Location: Plymouth, UK
  • Client: Plymouth City Council
  • Destination: Plymouth History Centre
  • Services: Market analysis, financial model and operational business plan for the development of Plymouth History Centre.
  • Location: Maritime Greenwich, London
  • Client: The Greenwich Foundation
  • Destination: Old Royal Naval College
  • Services: Through a series of commissions, Fourth Street has supported the Foundation in securing major grant funding for the Painted Hall conservation project and developing a master plan for the Old Royal Naval College estate.
  • Location: London
  • Client: Camden Town Unlimited
  • Destination: Camden Highline
  • Services: Business Planning, Market Analysis, Visitor Projection
shutterstock_91775318 Mick Jagger Centre (General music) 2 New Entertainment Venue
  • Location: Exeter, UK
  • Client: Exeter City Council
  • Destination: Exeter
  • Services: Needs assessment for a new entertainment centre with +1,000 seated capacity
  • Location: Buckinghamshire
  • Client: National Trust
  • Destination: Cliveden
  • Services: Visitor Management Plan
Mote Park Mote Park
  • Location: Maidstone
  • Client: Maidstone Borough Council
  • Destination: Mote Park
  • Services:
Swindon Mechanics - Copy Mechanics’ Institute
  • Location: Swindon
  • Client: Forward Swindon
  • Destination: Railway Heritage Quarter, Swindon
  • Services: Options appraisal and development strategy advice for the re-use and regeneration of the Grade II* listed building
  • Location: Gravesham
  • Client: Kent Thameside
  • Destination: Cyclopark
  • Services: Market analysis, visitor projections and business planning in in the lead up to launching Cyclopark
  • Location: Brighton and Hove
  • Client: Brighton and Hove City Council
  • Destination: Governance Review, Financial Assessment and Projections, Research and Case Studies
  • Services: Assessment of the financial and organisational impacts arising from the potential devolution of the Royal Pavilion and Museums into a new independent entity.
  • Location: Royal Docks, London
  • Client: Siemens
  • Destination: Siemens Crystal
  • Services: Appraisal of the design proposals and business planning for the public elements of the showcase building
Quarry Bank Quarry Bank
  • Location: Cheshire
  • Client: National Trust
  • Destination: Quarry Bank
  • Services: Facilitate product development workshop attended by National, Regional and Property representatives of the National Trust
z Whats-on-London-Festival-of-Architecture-01 Architecture Festival
  • Location: London
  • Client: London Festival of Architecture
  • Destination: London Festival of Architecture
  • Services: Strategic advisor to the festival directors and impact assessments for every each bienniel event since 2004
Tower of London Tower of London
  • Location: London
  • Client: Historic Royal Palaces
  • Destination: Tower of London
  • Services: Forensic market appraisal to identify product and programme development opportunities to increase domestic visitor numbers
  • Location: East Sussex
  • Client: Kew Gardens / National Trust
  • Destination: Wakehurst Place
  • Services: Forensic review of financial and market performance, case study benchmarking, and strategic recommendations for future development
Cable London Cable London
  • Location: London Bridge
  • Client: Cable Group
  • Destination: Cable London
  • Services: Destination and business planning advice to Cable group in relation to Cable's brand extension strategy
shutterstock_97872974 kings cross gasholder Kings Cross
  • Location: Kings Cross, London
  • Client: Argent plc
  • Destination: Kings Cross
  • Services: Advice on the market and financial viability of developing a fit-for-purpose events space inside one of the former gasholders
shutterstock_90858839 Willesden Green
  • Location: Willesden Green
  • Client: Brent Council
  • Destination: Willesden Green Cultural Centre
  • Services: Preparation of a business case for the new Cultural Centre, proposed by Galliford Try as part a wider residential led scheme
shutterstock_126448442 texture park Lowlands Park
  • Location: Harrow, London
  • Client: Harrow Council
  • Destination: Lowlands Park
  • Services: Case study research and marketing strategy to support Council’s plans to develop new performance space in key town centre park
Poltimore House Poltimore House
  • Location: Devon
  • Client: Poltimore Trust & Two Moors Festival
  • Destination: Poltimore House
  • Services: Pre-feasibility study to scope out proposals for a new arts centre and concert hall at Poltimore House and identify the key development issues
Norwich Forum Norwich Forum
  • Location: Norwich
  • Client: Norwich Millennium Experience
  • Destination: Norwich Forum
  • Services: Market analysis, business plan and strategic advice during the design and development of major city centre regeneration project
shutterstock_60582865 Eurostar Ebbsfleet Ebbsfleet Station
  • Location: Ebbsfleet, Kent
  • Client: London and Continental Railways
  • Destination:
  • Services: Research and analysis to support Brandstory Ltd in the development of a destination brand for the new station
Ashford International Ashford International
  • Location: Ashford, Kent
  • Client: Eurotunnel Ltd
  • Destination: Ashford International Station
  • Services: Strategic and economic advice on the development of surplus lands around Eurostar terminal in Ashford
Glamorgan Records Office Glamorgan Records
  • Location: Cardiff
  • Client: Cardiff City Council
  • Destination: Glamorgan Records Office
  • Services: Site options appraisal to consider potential relocation or refurbishment of the Glamorgan Records Office
Hampshire Benchmarking Museum Benchmarking
  • Location: Hampshire
  • Client: Hampshire County Council
  • Destination: Various Museums
  • Services: Benchmarking study of financial and visitor performance at 20 museums in Hampshire and Dorset
Princess Diana Memorial Diana Memorial
  • Location: Kensington Gardens, London
  • Client: RB Kensington & Chelsea
  • Destination: Princess Diana Memorial
  • Services: Primary market research and case study research in support of proposals to build the memorial to Princess Diana
Science Museum Science Museum
  • Location: South Kensington
  • Client: Science Museum Group
  • Destination: Science Museum
  • Services: Series of studies to define optimal spaces, configuration, operating procedures, pricing and fit-out requirements to enhance the Museum’s corporate hire business
Hungerford Bridge Hungerford Bridge
  • Location: Westminster / Lambeth
  • Client: Westminster City Council
  • Destination: Hungerford Bridge
  • Services: Re-use options for Surrey Pier and support to sponsorship and fundraising strategy
Al Ain Stadium Al Ain Stadium
  • Location: Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
  • Client: Al Ain FC
  • Destination: Al Ain Stadium
  • Services: Business plan review for new stadium proposal, including recommendations for wider development as a sports-led mixed use destination
Cruise Terminal London Cruise Terminal
  • Location: Greenwich, London
  • Client: Greenwich Reach
  • Destination: Greenwich
  • Services: Market analysis and economic impact assessment for new cruise terminal proposal
Snoasis Snoasis
  • Location: Suffolk
  • Client: Onslow Investments
  • Destination: Snoasis
  • Services: Market analysis, visitor projection and economic impact assessment for major new leisure destination and sports resort, anchored by the UK’s largest indoor ski slope
Science Museum Science Museum Stores
  • Location: Wroughton, Wiltshire
  • Client: Science Museum Group
  • Destination: Science Museum at Wroughton
  • Services: Market analysis in support of funding applications to redevelop the museum's collections stores and deliver greater 'open acces'
Olympic Legacy Olympic Legacy
  • Location: London
  • Client: London Development Agency
  • Destination: Stratford, London
  • Services: Combination of literature reviews and expert interviews to inform London's Olympic legacy strategy
Croatia Croatian Resorts
  • Location: Croatia
  • Client: Emerging Markets Advisory Corporation
  • Destination: Various Resorts
  • Services: Strategic advice in support of various land acquisitions and development strategies for the Illyrian Land Fund
shutterstock_63339079 Film 3 Film Centre
  • Location: South Bank, London
  • Client: British Film Institute
  • Destination: Film Centre
  • Services: Commercial and funding advice to the BFI in support of successful redevelopment of South Bank site
Sunderland AFC Beacon of Light
  • Location: Sunderland
  • Client: Sunderland Foundation
  • Destination: Stadium of Light
  • Services: Support to Foundation’s ‘Beacon of Light’ project, a multi-use indoor sports and live entertainment venue
Kew Kew Gardens
  • Location: Richmond-upon-Thames
  • Client: Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
  • Destination: Kew Gardens
  • Services: Market assessment and business planning advice in support of funding applications to upgrade the Herbarium
Unicorn Investment Bank Various Resorts
  • Location: Mediterranean
  • Client: Unicorn Investment Bank
  • Destination: Various Resorts
  • Services: Evaluation of various resort opporutnities for investment
Vinopolis Vinopolis
  • Location: South Bank, London
  • Client: Wineworld plc
  • Destination: Vinopolis
  • Services: Baseline and “upside” business plan development and appraisal of bespoke retail opportunities
Silvertown Quays Silvertown Quays
  • Location: Royal Docks, London
  • Client: Apollo Resorts & Leisure
  • Destination: Silvertown Quays
  • Services: Articulation of placemaking and regeneration strategy at Silvertown Quays in support of client’s shortlisted bid for Newham casino license
Vauxhall Nine Elms (Battersea Power Station) Vauxhall Nine Elms
  • Location: Battersea
  • Client: Transport for London
  • Destination: Vauxhall Nine Elms
  • Services: Financial modelling of Tax Increment Finance solution for delivery of the Northern Line Extension
Luzhniki Olympic Stadium Luzhniki Stadium
  • Location: Moscow, Russia
  • Client: Moscow Mayor's Office
  • Destination: Luzhniki Olympic Stadium
  • Services: Strategic development and placemaking advice to Moscow Mayor’s Office in preparation for the 2018 World Cup
O2 Arena The O2
  • Location: Greenwich Peninsula
  • Client: Anschutz Entertainment Group
  • Destination: The O2 Arena
  • Services: Market research in support of initial arena and leisure concept; subsequently assessed a range of leisure concepts for further phases of development
London Cable Car Emirates Airline
  • Location: Royal Docks & Greenwich
  • Client: Transport for London
  • Destination: Emirates Airline (London's Cable Car)
  • Services: Assessment of proposed Cable Car’s viability as a tourist draw as well as a catalyst for ongoing development of the Royal Docks
Victoria Baths Victoria Baths
  • Location: Manchester
  • Client: Manchester City Council
  • Destination: Victoria Baths
  • Services: Commercial advisor to the City Council and Victoria Baths Trust following success in the first BBC Restoration programme
SEA LIFE Centres Sea Life Centres
  • Location: Western Europe
  • Client: Merlin Entertainments Ltd
  • Destination: Sea Life Centres
  • Services: Identification and assessment of sites in Italy, Spain, Germany and Switzerland for the roll-out of Sea Life Centre brand
Guards Queen’s Gallery
  • Location: London
  • Client: Royal Collections
  • Destination: Queen's Gallery
  • Services: Commercial and marketing advisor to the Royal Collections in aid of the successful opening of the new gallery at Buckingham Palace
shutterstock_81751909 Dr Who DW Experience
  • Location: UK various
  • Client: BBC Worldwide
  • Destination: Doctor Who Experience
  • Services: Location appraisal and business plan advice for the BBC’s temporary Doctor Who exhibition
Stonehenge Stonehenge
  • Location: Wiltshire
  • Client: English Heritage
  • Destination: Stonehenge
  • Services: Business planning for the proposed new visitor centre and exhibition
Slip 7 Chatham Dockyard
  • Location: Chatham, Kent
  • Client: Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust
  • Destination: Chatham Historic Dockyard
  • Services: Appraisal of options for the redevelopment of Slip 7
British Museum British Museum
  • Location: London
  • Client: British Museum
  • Destination: Study Centre, British Museum
  • Services: Business planning for the British Museum's proposed study centre development
Heli-ski Shimla Heli-ski
  • Location: Shimla, India
  • Client: Oberoi Group
  • Destination: Shimla
  • Services: Advise on the market viability of a new heli-ski operation in Shimla
Roald Dahl Plass Roald Dhal Plass
  • Location: Cardiff Bay
  • Client: Cardiff Bay Development Corporation
  • Destination: Roald Dahls Plass, Cardiff Bay
  • Services: Feasibility study for the transformation of the Oval Basin into a public space and events venue
Dublin CHQ, Dublin
  • Location: Dublin
  • Client: Dublin Docklands Development Authority
  • Destination: CHQ, Dublin
  • Services: Events strategy and business case for the public areas and basement spaces of CHQ retail centre
Highcliffe Castle Highcliffe Castle
  • Location: Christchurch
  • Client: Christchurch Borough Council
  • Destination: Highcliffe Castle
  • Services: Market analysis and business plan for the conservation and restoration of the castle in support of funding applications
Fishers Green Fishers Green
  • Location: River Lee Country Park
  • Client: Lee Valley Regional Park Authority
  • Destination: Fishers Green
  • Services: Feasibility study and businss plan for a new visitor centre
w shutterstock_113834086 General Pennington Pennington Flash
  • Location: Greater Manchester
  • Client: Wigan Leisure & Culture Trust
  • Destination: Pennington Flash Country Park
  • Services: Feasibility study and business plan for a new visitor centre
National Forest National Forest
  • Location: Midlands, England
  • Client: National Forest Charitable Trust
  • Destination: The National Forest
  • Services: Visitor infrastructure analysis and development strategy
w shutterstock_111274775 General Wentwood Wentwood
  • Location: Monmouthshire, Wales
  • Client: Monmouthshire County Council
  • Destination: Wentwood
  • Services: Feasibility study and business plan for a new woodland visitor centre
Gwent records The Works
  • Location: Ebbw Vale, Wales
  • Client: The Works Regeneration
  • Destination: General Offices, Ebbw Vale
  • Services: Business plan for the rennovation and expansion of the general offices and relocation of Gwent records
Combe Down Combe Down
  • Location: Combe Down
  • Client: Bath & North East Somerset
  • Destination: Combe Down
  • Services: Market analysis and business plan in support of visitor centre proposals for Combe Down stone mines
London River Park London River Park
  • Location: London
  • Client: Venus Group
  • Destination: London River Park
  • Services: Review of the park proposals and market analysis to inform visitor and financial projections
Royal Observatory Greenwich Royal Observatory
  • Location: Greenwich, London
  • Client: Royal Museums Greenwich
  • Destination: Old Royal Observatory
  • Services: Advice to the re-introduction of an admission charge and an assessment of its impact on visitor numbers and revenue
shutterstock_295710 Cutty Sark Cutty Sark
  • Location: Greenwich, London
  • Client: Royal Museums Greenwich
  • Destination: Cutty Sark
  • Services: Advice on the market potential, pricing strategy and business plan for the redeveloped Cutty Sark visitor attraction