Swimming Blues


Jim Roberts laments the state of swimming pools in this country and their adverse effect on our health, well-being and his weekends.
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One Year On

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This weekend London’s Olympic Park was publicly unveiled exactly one year after the curtain came up on the 2012 Olympics and Danny Boyle produced what was a master stroke in British cultural programming.  It is a good time to reflect on Legacy – what is working and what isn’t. Read more

TripAdvisor Transformation


In his 2005 bestseller, The Wisdom of Crowds, James Surowiecki describes the country fair tradition of guessing the weight of an ox.   With astonishing statistical frequency, the collective judgment of the crowd – in other words, the average of all guesses – is almost always more accurate than any individual’s guess.  Read more

Museum Moneyball

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I was out for dinner with clients recently and the subject of Moneyball came up.  One of them asked me if there were any ‘moneyball situations’ in the cultural sector.  She was lucky that we were sitting at opposite ends of the table.  Moneyball is one my favourite books.  Billy Beane is my hero.  Had I been sitting next to her, I would have talked her ear off.  The honest answer to her question would have been that there definitely are ‘moneyball situations’ in the cultural sector – too many to mention.  Read more