Museum Moneyball

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I was out for dinner with clients recently and the subject of Moneyball came up.  One of them asked me if there were any ‘moneyball situations’ in the cultural sector.  She was lucky that we were sitting at opposite ends of the table.  Moneyball is one my favourite books.  Billy Beane is my hero.  Had I been sitting next to her, I would have talked her ear off.  The honest answer to her question would have been that there definitely are ‘moneyball situations’ in the cultural sector – too many to mention.  Read more

Mayor of Sound

Ministry of Sound

I refer to James Palumbo’s thoughtful invitation to Boris Johnson yesterday for a night out at the legendary Ministry of Sound (Evening Standard article).

The invitation was not offered to satisfy some pent-up urge that Boris may have for clubbing (and perhaps put wrong a well-spent youth), but rather to demonstrate first-hand the London superclub that has been at the centre of Ministry’s prolific rise to worldwide acclaim.

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