What we do

Fourth Street provides strategic and commercial advice to unique destinations and unusual property developments.

We are management consultants that specialise in placemaking and destination development. We work with developers, operators, funders and stakeholders across all stages of a project, from the creation of new concepts and visions, through feasibility and funding, to delivery and operations. Our focus is foremost on delivering pragmatic, problem-solving advice that helps clients to realise their vision and meet their objectives. We are excited by projects that happen - not by fantastic ideas that remain on the drawing board.

We have a breadth and depth of experience in the sector that few can match. Fourth Street was formed in 2012 by Jim Roberts and Dan Anderson who have - between them - some 30 years experience across almost 200 projects. At the core of our service is a keen understanding of the market, the drivers of a competent business model, and the key ingredients of places that succeed.

See the sectors that we work in and the services we provide by exploring some of the projects that we have worked on.